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Children's Services



Educational Services

Our Educational Services Program provides a highly structured setting for both residential and day students. Each classroom emphasizes individualized instruction, provides behavioral supports, and facilitates the use of assistive technology. New York State certified special education teachers and paraprofessionals engage our students to meet the goals of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) and the New York State Learning Standards. Instruction is focused on developing expressive and receptive language skills, functional reading, writing and math, and generalization of skills to the community and workplace.

The vocational program provides a continuum of services. Beginning with a pre-vocational alternative workshop, Maryhaven emphasizes the basics of sorting and light assembly. Students can progress to on-campus work study, paid workshop, off campus volunteer work, and community employment with job coaching. Adaptive physical education, music, arts and crafts, home economics and daily living skills instruction help to complete a well rounded educational program. Each class is scheduled for weekly periods in the school library and art room, as well as a community outing.

Our children function within all levels of intellectual disabilities. Most are on the autism spectrum. Additional diagnoses include Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Fragile X, Down Syndrome, seizure disorders and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.

Special Education School Survey 2019

Residential Services

Our Residential Services Program is comprised of four dormitories and two ranch-style homes situated on the grounds of our campus. Children are encouraged to decorate their rooms with personal possessions that reflect their individuality and interests. Meals are served family style and our menu is monitored by a registered dietitian. Residential counselors work closely with the children, providing quality care and innovative programming. The campus recreational staff plan a variety of activities and programming based on their individual preferences. The campus has a large gym, ball field, track, a playground designed by an autism specialist, and a sprinkler park. Community activities include but are not limited to trips to sporting events, amusement parks and swimming.

Clinical Services


The Clinical Services Department collaborates with the residential and educational programs of Children’s Services to develop individualized support programs that fit the needs of each child. In addition to providing subject specific training, clinicians help to develop comprehensive cross setting programs designed to provide consistent and predictable 24/7 programming. Initial assessments of an individual’s needs are conducted within the first 30 days of admission. This information is shared with the individual’s family and school district prior to implementation of goals. Subsequent reviews and assessments are made to accommodate the needs of each child.


The Clinical Services Department provides related services that include behavioral intervention services, based on the principles of Applied Behavioral Analysis, comprehensive speech services, cognitive behavioral counseling, social skills training, physical therapy and occupational therapy. Therapists work together to develop and provide integrated social, emotional and cognitive support. Interdisciplinary team meetings are held to ensure that appropriate individualized programming is effective. Psychiatric services are provided on campus by our staff psychiatrist. Regular reviews are conducted with the interdisciplinary team and onsite nursing staff. Parent participation in reviews is welcomed.

Medical Services

The Medical Services Department provides 24 hour on-campus nursing and medical technicians who assist the children with medical treatments and medical appointments. The Medical Director is also available for all medical concerns and has campus office hours two days a week. Specialized clinics at nearby St. Charles Hospital and Stony Brook University Hospital are used for dental, neurological, orthopedic, audiology, endocrinology, ENT and dermatology needs. Desensitization programs are written for children who are fearful of medical/ dental appointments. The Health Office even houses a practice dental chair that can be used in these programs.

About Maryhaven

Maryhaven is a nonprofit, Long Island based agency committed to helping persons with special needs realize their full potential, without regard to age, race, and/or religious beliefs. Children’s Services specializes in meeting the needs of students with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorder. The agency’s purpose is to establish, maintain and operate progressive programs and services which are residential, educational, vocational and rehabilitative in nature. The ideal goal is the attainment of normalization, in all aspects of life, for each individual we support.

Catholic Health Services, as a ministry of the Catholic Church, continues Christ’s healing mission, promotes excellence in care, and commits itself to those in need.

CHS affirms the sanctity of life, advocates for the poor and serves the common good. It conducts its health care practice, business, education, and innovation with justice, integrity, and respect for the dignity of each person.

As a member of Catholic Health Services, the mission of Maryhaven Center of Hope is to empower, enrich, and respect the lives of individuals we support. Maryhaven empowers the person to live a meaningful and productive life by building on their individual abilities and skills. We are committed to be partners in this journey. Together, we will make a difference.

Support the Mission of Maryhaven Center of Hope

Support the efforts of Maryhaven Center of Hope in providing a lifetime of care to those with special needs.

General donations can be made by calling:
(631) 474-4120
or by mailing a check made payable to:
Center of Hope Foundation
51 Terryville Road, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776

Lewis Grossman
President & CEO

Robin Dwyer
Vice President of Program Services
Educational and Residential

Team Approach
The Maryhaven team is committed to helping our students reach their fullest potential in all areas of life.

An integrated approach combines the talents of highly motivated and well trained professionals and paraprofessionals, working to meet the individual needs of our students by focusing on their strengths, abilities and preferences.

Referrals are submitted by the child’sschool district CSE recommendation or bythe Department of Social Services.

For more information about the admissions process, please contact our Admissions Coordinator at (631) 474-3400.


Children’s Services
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