Living the Mission at Maryhaven- is a felt experience every day.  It happens in the care and compassion given by staff to our individuals.  It is felt when an individual achieves his/her goal for the first time.  It is lived out in the ‘everyday miracles’ that occur because of the dedication, devotion and persistent care given by staff.
It appears and is fostered by:
Orientation –  Employees  introduced to the Mission and values of CHS and Maryhaven including the history of the Founding Sisters, The  Daughters of Wisdom who began this good work in 1930.

Employee Honoree of the Month – Monthly honoring of employees for outstanding service; living the mission.

Reflection Days- Days of renewal and refreshment for recommitment  to the mission

Prayer Program-  prayer experiences in  group homes, programs; seasonal celebrations, weekly ‘hope notes’, and prayers/services at times of bereavement. 

End of Life Education- education to assist staff and family members to  facilitate the end of life time in an individuals’ life.  

Service Awards- Annual event to honor and celebrate the service of employees

Leadership Development- planned programs to enrich leadership skills and infuse mission awareness; ‘breakfast club’, ‘virtues project’,’ listening sessions’, and strategic planning

Mission Statement
Catholic Health Services

Catholic Health Services,
 as a ministry of the Catholic Church, continues Christ’s healing mission,
promotes excellence in care, and commits itself to those in need.

CHS affirms the sanctity of life, advocates for the poor
 and serves the common good. 
It conducts its health care practice, business, education, and innovation
 with justice, integrity, and respect
 for the dignity of each person

As a member of Catholic Health Services, the mission of Maryhaven Center of Hope is to improve, enrich, and respect the lives of people with special needs. We promote each person’s highest potential by encouraging all aspects of growth. We are committed to delivering quality services throughout the individual’s life journey.  Together, we will make the difference.