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Hope Social Enterprises Business Center

Maryhaven Vocational Program is in the business of improving and enriching the lives of people with special needs. We provide services to assess, train and find employment for those who want to become productive members of society. We place people within an array of community based options or within the Maryhaven’s Work Center.

Maryhaven’s highly qualified and professional staff are dedicated to embracing skills that guide, teach and assist people in attaining their vocational goals.
We also have a Supported Work Program where we work closely with ACCES-VR (Adult Career and Continuing Education-Vocational Rehabilitation) to provide a service that identifies vocational interests, skills and placement. It is a long term commitment and partnership that provides benefits for both employers and employees. We offer cost-free services which include: pre-screened applicants, experienced job coaches, travel training, on-the-job training, follow up and consultation on disabled employees and affirmative action issues. Maryhaven Vocational Services create opportunities that foster self confidence, independence and personal growth. We value and support all those who have special needs and take great pride in being one of the most successful agencies on Long Island to provide this service.

Industrial Services Division

Maryhaven Center of Hope’s Business Center offers a variety of training programs. These programs teach job skills to adults with disabilities, a population which has been historically excluded from competitive employment opportunities.

Through training in social communication skills and work habits, participants learn what they need to know to become employed productive members of society. The goal of the vocational program is to have each participant obtain employment, either in one of Maryhaven’s business centers, integrated work programs, or in the mainstream labor market.

Maryhaven Center of Hope’s business model is to provide the highest level of service to our customers and at the same time provide job opportunities for persons with disabilities from our Suffolk County community.

Maryhaven’s Business Center is supportive by design. Our agency’s mission is to improve, enrich and respect the lives of people with special needs. Earning a pay check is a source of pride, accomplishment and self esteem for these individuals. We are able to create an encouraging, vibrant, and wonderful work center environment. This is a social community setting, which allows the self esteem of those with the most significant disabilities to grow and expand.

Our Business Center has a number of tracks individuals can follow to becoming employed:

  • General Packaging and Assembly
  • Mechanical Assembly
  • Liquid Fill Packaging
  • Clean Room Assembly
  • Document Imaging, Scanning and Microfilming

Business Center

Maryhaven Center of Hope’s business model is to provide the highest level of professional service to our local business customers and at the same time offer job opportunities for persons with disabilities, who live locally in Suffolk County. Maryhaven individuals learn valuable job related skills, which allow them to transition from a supportive work environment into being productive members of the community, moving towards independence and working in local industry.

Maryhaven Center of Hope’s Business Center offers Long Island businesses a cost effective outsourcing alternative for their packaging and assembly requirements. We are an experienced local partner, who has twenty – five years experience providing valuable production services to both large and small sized businesses. Our customers benefit from Maryhaven’s experienced professional production management team in the following ways:

  • Cost Effective Packaging Outsourcing Services
  • Fully Trained Assembly Production Lines
  • Established Quality Control Procedures
  • A Trained Staff of 200 for Quick Turnaround
  • Drop Ship Capabilities
  • Pick Up and Delivery Service with Bonded Drivers

Our many satisfied customers come from a cross section of industries:

  • Cosmetic - die- cut packaging and labeling
  • Cable – volume sorting and parts recycling
  • Sporting Goods Distribution – ball inflation
  • Food/ Hospitality – poly bagged disposable cutlery
  • Medical Device – control room packaging
  • Retail – shrink wrapping and store display assembly

Maryhaven’s production facility is fully equipped to perform. We have:

  • Heat Sealers and Conveyers
  • Shrink Wrap Tunnels
  • Ink Jet Printers
  • Pneumatic staplers and anscomatic sealers
  • Automated materials handling, counting and sealing equipment
  • Liquid Fill Stations
  • Temperature Controlled Clean Assembly Room
  • Automated Inventory System
  • Full logistic support and loading docks


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