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Who Are We?

Planning from a person-centered perspective seeks to listen, discover and understand the individual. It is a process directed by the person that helps us to learn how they want to live and describes what supports are needed to help them move toward a life they consider meaningful and productive.

The planning process empowers the person by building on their individual abilities and skills, building a quality lifestyle that supports the person in finding ways to contribute to their community. Other factors which impact the individual’s life, such as health and wellness, are also considered during the planning process. Knowing and exploring opportunities to use a person’s skills and abilities helps to set a direction while providing positive motivation, and increasing the likelihood of achieving the desired outcomes that are most important to the person receiving supports.

How Do We Get There?

A planning process and a plan of support guide the delivery of supports to a person in a way that leads to outcomes or results that are important to them. By focusing on outcomes, we know if the planning and the supports provided are successful. Maryhaven has embraced the Council on Quality and Leadership (CQL). Personal Outcome Measures (POMs) which define 21 areas that are most important to people who receive supports and services.

Personal Outcome Measures (POMs)

Starts with the person’s own view of his or her life

Defines what is important to the person

Offers objective determination of whether people are getting what is personally important

3 Key Factors & 21 Personal Outcome Measures

My Self

Who I am as a result of my unique heredity, life experiences and decisions.

People are connected to natural support networks
• People have intimate relationships
• People are safe
• People have the best possible health
• People exercise rights
• People are treated fairly
• People are free from abuse and neglect
• People experience continuity and security
• People decide when to share personal information


Where I work, live, socialize, belong or connect.

• People chose where and with whom they live
• People choose where they work
• People use their environments
• People live in integrated environments
• People interact with other members of the community
• People perform different social roles
• People choose services


How I want my life (self and world) to be.

  • People choose personal goals
  • People realize personal goals
  • People participate in the life of the community
  • People have friends
  • People are respected

About Maryhaven

Maryhaven is a nonprofit, Long Island based agency committed to helping persons with special needs including intellectual disabilities, mental health issues, physical disabilities, and/or substance abuse/dependence issues to realize their full potential, without regard to age, race, and/or religious beliefs. The agency’s purpose is to establish, maintain and operate progressive programs and services which are residential, educational, vocational and rehabilitative in nature. The ideal goal is the attainment of normalization, in all aspects of life, for each individual we support.

Mission Statement Catholic Health Services

Catholic Health Services, as a ministry of the Catholic Church, continues Christ’s healing mission, promotes excellence in care, and commits itself to those in need.

CHS affirms the sanctity of life, advocates for the poor and serves the common good. It conducts its health care practice, business, education, and innovation with justice, integrity, and respect for the dignity of each person.

As a member of Catholic Health Services, the mission of Maryhaven Center of Hope is to improve, enrich, and respect the lives of people with special needs. We promote each person’s highest potential by encouraging all aspects of growth. We are committed to delivering quality services throughout the individual’s life journey. Together, we will make the difference.

Lewis Grossman
President & CEO

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